Usagi Yojimbo

Usagi Yojimbo #1: Ice & Snow | King Saladeen Emerald Green Foil Variant

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This edition is a collaboration between American contemporary artist King Saldeen and Dogu Publishing. This is the first appearance (but not the last) of Saladeen’s iconic character, JP Moneybear, in comic book format. The cover features emerald green spot foil touches and is limited to 500 copies worldwide. This unique version is set apart by its distinct black and white interior artwork, echoing the nostalgic art of early Usagi Yojimbo books. Don’t miss the chance to own a unique piece of comic book artistry for only $30.

This very special variant cover is the beginning of and extraordinary collaboration between Dogu Publishing and King Saldeen, the genesis of which will be announced during San Diego Comic-Con.

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