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Usagi Studios is releasing a Stan Sakai Limited Edition Hardcover of Usagi Yojimbo: The Green Dragon.

Available unsigned, signed, head remarque, and half torso remarque.  Orders will be sent out starting in April.  

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The rabbit ronin’s newest adventures continue in this fifth volume that sees Usagi and Yukichi on a mission to deliver a valuable object!

But first, in “A Ghost Story,” Usagi and Yukichi come upon a young woman, Shizuye, praying at a shrine to a girl murdered fifty years ago by her married lover. Shizuye is in the same predicament, and Usagi and Yukichi take it upon themselves to become her protectors. However, all is not what it seems as the local priest warns them to beware of ghosts in the area.

Then, in “The Secret of the Green Dragon” Usagi and Yukichi are obligated to deliver a priceless jade dragon to a merchant. During their journey they witness a courier delivering a parcel of jewels to the same merchant killed on the road ahead. However, the killers left the jewels and escaped with the container leading them to the realization that the box they carry may be even more valuable than the jade within.

Collects issues #27–31 of the all-new full-color 
Usagi Yojimbo series published by IDW.

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