Space Usagi: Death and Honor | Paperback

Space Usagi: Death and Honor | Paperback

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The rabbit ronin‘s classic adventure in space—now in color and with a bonus issue-long story!

Featuring Stan Sakai’s emotive artwork and expert lettering, with colors by Emi Fujii. With a new introduction from Stan Sakai, and also collecting the Space Usagi: Yokai Hunter one-shot comic!

As the general of Lord Shirohoshi’s space fleet, it’s Usagi’s responsibility to keep the lord and his heir safe. Now tasked with the education and protection of the lord’s heir, Usagi must remain vigilant at all times to protect the heir from a murderous plot and an unexpected betrayal.

Collects Space Usagi: Death and Honor #1­–#3 and Space Usagi: Yokai Hunter.

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