Chibi Usagi - Attack of the Heebie Chibis

Chibi Usagi - Attack of the Heebie Chibis

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Stan Sakai’s beloved rabbit samurai has won countless fans over his 35 year history, thanks to a clever blend of thrilling action, heartwarming characters, and realistic portrayal of Japanese culture. Chibi-Usagi brings these fun and thoughtful stories to middle-grade readers as a original graphic novel packed with adorable art and captivating energy.

While fishing for freshwater eels, Chibi-Usagi, Tomoe, and Gen rescue a Dogu, a clay creature from Japan’s prehistory. The Dogu’s village has been enslaved by the Salamander King and his Heebie-Chibi minions and are forced to work in their mines. Chibi-Usagi and his friends must rescue the Dogu people and eliminate the threat of the Salamander King forever in this feature-length story of adventure, humor, and slippery eels.


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Available are:


-  Chibi Usagi:  Dual Signatures by Stan and Julie Sakai


-  Chibi Usagi:  Head Sketch/Remarque by Stan and Julie Sakai


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