Chibi Usagi - Attack of the Heebie Chibis

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Stan Sakai’s beloved rabbit samurai has won countless fans over his 35 year history, thanks to a clever blend of thrilling action, heartwarming characters, and realistic portrayal of Japanese culture. Chibi Usagi brings these fun and thoughtful stories to middle-grade readers as an original graphic novel packed with adorable art and captivating energy.

While fishing for freshwater eels, Chibi Usagi, Chibi Tomoe, and Chibi Gen rescue a Dogu, a clay creature from Japan’s prehistory. The Dogu’s village has been enslaved by the Salamander King and his Heebie Chibi minions and are forced to work in their mines. Chibi Usagi and his friends must rescue the Dogu people and eliminate the threat of the Salamander King forever in this feature-length story of adventure, humor, and slippery eels.  

Story and Art by Julie & Stan Sakai.  JUST Sakai is the wife and husband team of JUlie and Stan Sakai.  JUST Sakai's first collaboration was for Peanuts: A Tribute to Charles M. Schulz, a 65th anniversary anthology published by Kaboom! in 2015.  


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