TMNT x Usagi Yojimbo WhereWhen #1 Retro Issue | Eastman Edition

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Introducing the TMNT x Usagi Yojimbo WhereWhen #1 Retro Issue | Eastman Edition!

  • Limited to 1500 & hand numbered individually
  • A Dogu Publishing exclusive of our new Black & White Retro line with Black & White interior and exterior 

Be sure to check out the Sakai Edition.

WhereWhen #1: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pursue the evil cyborg genius Dr. WhereWhen through a time portal and emerge in feudal Japan! There, they encounter Usagi Yojimbo, 20 years into the samurai's future but decades after the arrival of Dr. WhereWhen who has already carved himself a fiefdom using mechanized clockwork samurai robots with the intention of conquering both the past and current timelines!

*No special requests for numbering
*Will start shipping mid-April
*No booth pickup at WonderCon
*If ordering a signature/remarque, they are signed by Stan Sakai

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